Monday, August 8, 2011

Vegetables do, in fact, grow from seeds.

Go figure!

After a few months of just kind of waiting it out and learning from my mistakes, I may actually have something here. If I can manage to keep them alive for a little longer, I will have at least one tomato and at least one cucumber. This makes me happy! As I've said, this was a learning experience, and I will not be angry or terribly upset if I don't yield much of anything this growing season, but I will definitely be extremely psyched if I do!

We were on vacation for the past week, and my wonderful neighbor watered my garden while we were gone. She also snagged my CSA delivery from my porch and kept it indoors for me. In return, I asked that she please help herself to anything in the box that looks good! She had the caneteloupe and basil. I am so glad she had the basil since my garden actually is producing a boatload of basil. Week 10 also consisted of tomatoes, red onions, and a head of cabbage.

So anyway, my neighbor warned me that she does not have a green thumb but would definitely get the garden watered. Well, she's my good luck charm. Check it out!!

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