Friday, July 29, 2011

CSA - Week 9

This week, we received the largest zucchini I've ever seen in my life. They're the size of my forearm.

Zucchini (2) - over FIVE pounds
Eggplant (3) - nearly 3 pounds
Corn on the Cob (8) - 6 1/2 pounds
Red Potatoes (6) - almost 1 1/2 pounds
Cilantro - 5.4 ounces

With the zucchini, my mom will make zucchini bread for the whole family. I plan to make breakfast potatoes with the red potatoes, throw the cilantro in with some salsa, guacamole, and rice & beans, and grill the eggplant. We have a great week ahead of us!

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  1. Kim, check out this website, I thought of you when I saw it! Keep up the good work, I enjoy the blog!