Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As I mentioned last week, I plan on ultimately making some of my own household cleaners. Until then, I'm just looking to buy greener replacements for the standard cleaners. I wanted to try some of the Ecover brand cleaning products, but the only place I've seen the products in person is WholeFoods, which is about 45 minutes away. Since I have a Prime membership with Amazon and therefore get free shipping, it seemed like the cheapest route. However, since most were on backorder for four weeks, I placed an order on soap.com (sister site of diapers.com) instead. I loved everything about the shopping experience, and they shipped within an hour of my order being placed. That happiness turned to disappointment today when I opened up the package to find that everything was individually wrapped in plastic. Between that and the plastic air pillows that were also in the box, my garbage can was now almost full. BUST. So, here's what I want to know. Does soap.com shrink wrap each item in plastic so that they don't leak in shipment? Because the ones at WholeFoods were not wrapped. Or does Ecover send them to WholeFoods wrapped in plastic, and WF unwraps them before placing them on the shelf? Deep thoughts, by KH.

I also purchased a cleaner for my brand spankin' new energy efficient stainless steel dishwasher. I had read that Mrs. Meyers brand had the best eco-friendly stainless cleaner. However, that was discontinued a few years ago, and Mrs. Meyers recommends Caldrea brand, which they apparently own. Once I move beyond the bummed-about-so-much-plastic feeling and actually use the products, I'll be sure to post a review! We also only have about two more rolls of our Scott's toilet paper left and then we get to use our new paper wrapped Seventh Generation stuff. There will not be pictures.

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