Monday, May 30, 2011

Lavender Pine & Chocolate

My husband wants to bathe in the Caldrea lavender pine stainless steel spray. BATHE, I say! It really does smell good, so I can't judge. It's amazing how good the house smells after a cleaning. It doesn't smell like chemicals. It just smells good. What's even better, though, is that the spray works incredibly well on our dishwasher and on our cabinet hardware. We also used the Seventh Generation all purpose cleanser on our white painted kitchen cabinets. It worked really well and made us realize how dirty they really were. I think we kind of just started to assume we had painted them off-white instead of white.

The Seventh Generation free & clear powder laundry detergent from Amazon is also a hit. The clothes are always clean and they feel really soft. The Ecover stain remover is currently being tested thanks to a desperate attempt at calming down my son at a crowded amusement park on a 95 degree day. The chocolate may have been refrigerated when I gave it to him, but it was dripping out of his chipmunk mouth and down his white shirt quicker than he could mumble the word "MORE."

I started training for my next triathlon, so that's another time sucker. Maybe I shouldn't call school and exercise time suckers? Oh well.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. I would bathe in that stuff if I knew I'd smell that good for most of the day afterward... I'm tellin' ya, Caldrea needs to make a men shaving line with shaving cream, lotion and aftershave that smells that good.

    I'm sure it hasn't gone unnoticed, but I clean the dishwasher almost every night just so the kitchen smells that way when I'm done.