Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden in a Bag

While in Vermont a few weeks ago, I visited a book store that I just love, and I picked up a few books to help with my gardening endeavors. One of them was a total game changer for me. I thought we had our garden all planned out and we just needed the lumber to build the raised beds when we got home from vacation. (Not to mention the compost pile, seeds, seedlings, SOIL!) The book is Starter Vegetable Gardens by Barbara Pleasant and she refers to the "easy-care bag garden." In it, she explains how to start your garden by just growing your herbs and vegetables in the bag the soil came in. What? Yep. I was blown away, made my shopping list, and N and I headed to the store for 12 bags of organic soil. This weekend, we plant seeds! It's May, but we still have time. And I promise there will be pictures of small children with small garden tools.

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